Plant of the Month

Here is a deciduous plant know for its highly scented clusters of pink/white flowers which can be flowering from as early as December through to February, it has an upright habit with dark green leaves. Its name is Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ check it out at the back of Gaskell.

Plant of the Month

This month’s ‘Plant of the month’ is Mahonia with its bright yellow flowers on spikes and the upright habit with evergreen leaves can make quite an imposing plant in the border. Scented flowers, depending on variety, can provide an important source of nectar to late foraging bees with birds enjoying the berries which form later on. Check them out around campus.mahonia

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society

Volunteers from the Wildlife and Environmental conservation society turned out last Wednesday, the coldest day of the year so far,to help plant out 2,000 mixed crocus bulbs perfect for pollinators such as bees near the new sculpture. Many thanks for your help and enthusiasm,Kai, Lucy, Mary and Anna also to Lilli who helped organise the event, looking forward to seeing them all in flower and hopefully our next project will be done in warmer weather!

bulb-planting bulb-planting-1 bulb-planting2

Christmas tree

Well it’s that time of year again, Christmas starts early at Brunel, 24ft Christmas tree up in the Quad.Don’t forget the Christmas market scheduled for the 6th December.



With Autumnwatch starting this week on television let’s see what wildlife we have around our campus, there may be more here than you may realise. Starting off with one of our more timid neighbours,the muntjac deer.


Plant of the month-Ceratostigma willmottianum

Interesting plant sometimes know as a sub shrub, likes a south or east facing spot that is sheltered ,bright blue flowers appear from late Summer and can go through the whole of Autumn when the leaves turn a great russet red and orange ,it can grow to a metre when well established, prune back in mid Spring. See this sub shrub on Site one.