You may have noticed the removal of the linear group of hybrid poplars by the entrance of the Sports centre car park,this is to remove the risk of failure on health and safety grounds.For the last ten years or so these trees have been carefully monitored as they have been affected by the hornet moth(Sesia apiformis) larvae boring in low down on the main trunk,this opens the tree up to a whole host of pathogens and gradually the trees become weakened and dysfunctional also where project work has taken place on paths and drainage over the years further weakening the root structure, causing the trees to decline.This decline could be seen in the dieback of the branches, the lack of vigour in the leaf canopy and the general health of the tree. Tree surgery has taken place over the years to keep the trees safe but with the failure of one of the healthier specimen’s the management plan has been accelerated. Plans are already being put into place to replant with more suitable species to enhance the area which will enhance the biodiversity of the campus.