Monthly Archives: September 2016

Weed killing

If you’ve seen people walking about with knapsacks and lances staring at the ground this week and wondered what they are doing its part of our weed killing programme on our paths, kerb edges and building lines. We try to keep chemical spraying to a minimum on site and you can help by using the paths on campus […]

Plant of the Month-Hardy Cyclamen

Not the indoor potted plant you give to your mum, this is the Hardy Cyclamen often planted under trees in partial shade, prefers humus rich well-drained soil. The reflexed flowers grow on individual stems and depending on variety flower from late summer to early spring, so plant a mix for continued flowering, good examples to try […]


Welcome to Brunel University London Grounds department blog which we hope you’ll find helpful and informative, here you will find all sorts of information such as ; Projects of a landscape nature tree work plants with seasonal interest where the team are working and much more. Did you know around 65% of the 79 hectare campus land use is […]