Green Flag Award

Well despite the aftermath of lockdown and the the erratic weather including high temperatures and drought the Grounds Department have managed to retain the Green flag award, this is a great achievement by the Team.This is a rare photo where all the Team are together in one place up at the sports park just prior to the preparation of numerous pitches in readiness for the London Cup.

Well done Team.


Wildflower and species rich grasslands play an important part in our ecosystem and biodiversity. They support a huge range of wildlife including bees, flies, spiders, butterflies, moths, reptiles, small mammals, bats, dragonflies, damselflies and birds to name a few.

Species rich grasslands also provide environmental benefits including carbon storage, water retention which helps to prevent flooding and a great habitat for crop pollinators.

Badger Cub

Last week one of our badger cubs was found sleeping close to one of our fences but out in the open and vulnerable.She was carefully moved then briefly checked over.She was clearly dehydrated so given some water which she lapped up,however we were very concerned for her so she was taken to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue where their expert staff could assess her more thoroughly. Hopefully more information will become available when she has had a thorough examination.

Mandarin Ducks

As the weather warms up it is good to see plenty of wildlife around on campus especially birdlife making nests ready for the new breeding season.The pond is well known for Moorhen,coot and mallard which all breed there but we also have plenty of activity on the river.Do look out for the Mandarin ducks which can be seen around close by usually under tree cover along the river being a shy bird. Did you know that the mandarin duck often makes its nest in tree holes often quite high up.

Male and female Mandarin ducks the male being brightly coloured


With the recent mild damp weather during December there was plenty of badger activity around campus. Favourite feeding areas are a good place to set up our wildlife cameras and monitor the different movements of a number of species including the muntjac deer regularly seen along Nursery Lane by site 4. This is one of our badger family using a regular trail path through to this feeding ground where there are plenty of earthworms.

  • Badgerwatch

Green Flag Award 2021/22

For the 5th year running Brunel University has been given the Green Flag award .This is a great achievement given the many challenges this year the Team has had to face to keep the campus in such good shape. Well done to all,not forgetting the contributions from the Site Services and Security Teams.


Here is just a selection of butterflies and moths that can be found on our campus. Do keep your eyes open for them where they can be often found around our wild flower areas,grasslands and shrubberies. Why not take part in the ‘Big Butterfly Count’ recording your sightings.


Across the campus wildflower turf has been installed to identified areas not only to brighten them up with the wonderful mix of colours but also to provide essential food for our very important pollinators including bees, hoverflies and butterflies . The picture below is taken close to our pond and the Wilfred Brown building.

Hedgehog Awareness Week 2021

Ten top tips for helping our hedgehogs.

  • Avoid using pesticides and slug pellets in the garden these not only harm hedgehogs but also their food chain try organic methods instead a hedgehog is a gardeners friend.
  • Create a hedgehog highway with your neighbours by having a 13cm x 13cm gap at the bottom of a boundary fence for hedgehogs to pass through
  • Provide a shallow dish with clean fresh water and leave some meaty hedgehog food,meaty cat or dog food or cat biscuits especially during long dry spells.
  • Make a hedgehog house which can offer hibernation protection in a quiet corner of your garden also can be used as a nesting box for a mother and her hoglets in the warmer months.
  • Build a pond ramp or create a slope so hedgehogs or other creatures who may fall in can climb out safely
  • Check your bonfire before setting a light, ideally re-site or build on the actual day of burning
  • Dispose of litter responsibly ,hedgehogs can get trapped and could starve to death
  • Before strimming you garden check underneath shrubs etc to avoid injuring a hedgehog
  • Take care on the road hedgehogs defence is to roll into a ball so watch out for them at night as they are nocturnal.
  • Keep sheds,greenhouses and garage doors closed as these can be dangerous places for our hedgehogs getting trapped .