Pond Action

Lots of activity around the pond over the last week or so with damselflies and dragonflies in abundance, here is a picture of a female common darter on one of the floating reed beds

Where have all the flowers gone?

It’s near the end of June now and we are still waiting for our supplier to install the summer bedding in the planters at the Eastern Gateway, there have been a number of problems with germination this year with selected varieties so later sowing had to be made. Time for another push on refurbishment/replacement on our dilapidated greenhouse maybe.


Plenty of activity around the pond at the moment look out for the dragonflies and Damselflies flying just above the water, here is a picture of an Azure Damselfly at rest.

Bat walk/survey

Brunel Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society took part over a couple of nights monitoring and listening to the Bats of Brunel, collecting data from the heterodyne detectors and recording the frequencies. This is the initial start to assess bat activity on campus at key locations and to see how healthy the population of bats are. More detailed studies are being planned where correct identification of species can be carried out and action plans put into place to protect these fascinating creatures .







With all the recent activity around the John Crank and lecture Centre with the major excavation for the relocation of a data Centre and power cable in readiness for the demolition of the John Crank building ,it may seem odd for a female mallard to nest so close ,still she seems content with the choice.

Excavation work for cabling and data

quiet please


Bird survey


Here something people may not be aware of and that is how diverse the campus is when it comes to the variety of bird life around them from robins to ring necked parakeets, grey heron in the pond to kingfisher along the river, mistle thrush nesting in the Trachycarpus to mallards nesting in the courtyard of Marie Jahoda . So keep you eyes open as you may be surprised on what you see, also later on in the year we intend to carry out part of the bird survey to help monitor what’s on site so if you feel like helping look out for more information later on and if you are a keen photographer how about taking a few pictures I am sure you can do better than the Administrators attempts!


Grey heron                                              Little Egret                                     Kingfisher