Have you seen the frog spawn that has appeared for the first time, as far as we are aware, in the small dipping pond by the boardwalk, this is great to see. The dead foliage needs to be carefully removed and the fish exclusion curtain will be checked it is still in place. Maintenance work is in place for the pond including removal of debris and detritus extending the fish exclusion curtain on the reed beds, and liquid feeding the plants, we may also have to build a small ladder for the young frogs to climb out of the pond when the time is right.


The Grounds team have been very busy this winter clearing up areas where damage has been done by the numerous projects that take place on campus. The upgrade of the access road in preparation for the Learning and Teaching Centre being one example. A temporary road was created straight through a large shrubbery near the Howell building with the ripped up plants just left in situ. The team have cleared away the debris  and opened up the space ready for new understory planting which will be designed to enhance the biodiversity in the area.

Tree work

Had to take down the Robinia pseudoacacia due to basal infection and decay in the stem-not the best location either being on the main spine and leaning over Marie Jahoda building  however managed to borrow the cherry picker to breakdown the tree in manageable sections. Left part of the trunk standing at the moment until we can have the stump removed.


The Christmas tree had to be relocated from the quad due to the Crank building works at short notice, it now has a new home near the Indoor Athletic Centre and Eastern Gateway entrance making it easier to crane into place, around 80 metres of lights have been used to decorate the 24ft tree seen here in a rather blurred photo.


The Grounds department don’t just cover the landscape, outdoor sports facilities and biodiversity we also get involved in numerous events that happen throughout the year working with many departments, student societies and volunteers for different projects.Over the last few days we have been involved with the set up and de-rig of the fireworks event that took place on Monday 5th November including assisting with the construction of the bonfire working with the Health and Safety team and student volunteers.

Bees update

The Bees of Brunel seem to have settled in pretty well now and are still fairly active despite the mixed weather we have been enduring recently. Here is one taking a breather up at the sports park.

Quad grass

It’s good to see the grass growing again on the quad after all the activities that have taken place on it these last few months ,with a bit of TLC from the team and the use of the growth mats it looks much more healthy- just in time for the next onslaught of activities during fresher’s week no doubt.