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Plant of the Month

Here is a deciduous plant know for its highly scented clusters of pink/white flowers which can be flowering from as early as December through to February, it has an upright habit with dark green leaves. Its name is Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ check it out at the back of Gaskell.

Plant of the Month

This month’s ‘Plant of the month’ is Mahonia with its bright yellow flowers on spikes and the upright habit with evergreen leaves can make quite an imposing plant in the border. Scented flowers, depending on variety, can provide an important source of nectar to late foraging bees with birds enjoying the berries which form later on. Check them […]

Plant of the Month-Hardy Cyclamen

Not the indoor potted plant you give to your mum, this is the Hardy Cyclamen often planted under trees in partial shade, prefers humus rich well-drained soil. The reflexed flowers grow on individual stems and depending on variety flower from late summer to early spring, so plant a mix for continued flowering, good examples to try […]