Bat Week

This week is bat week so here a few batty bits of information for you;

There are 18 species of bats that can be seen in the Uk but only 17 species breed here.

Most British bats are small with wingspans shorter than a sparrow but our largest bat the Noctule can have a wingspan of up to around 450mm.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly.

All British bats eat insects including beetles,midges, flies and moths so they are great to have around.

Bats use echolocation to hunt and catch their prey.

Bats are very important for our environment, so it is essential we protect them and the habitats that they live feed and breed.

Bats don’t hibernate as such but during the colder months they go into a state of torpor where they can slow down their heart rate and adjust body temperature to the surroundings until it warms up.

Soprano pipistrelle