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With all the recent activity around the John Crank and lecture Centre with the major excavation for the relocation of a data Centre and power cable in readiness for the demolition of the John Crank building ,it may seem odd for a female mallard to nest so close ,still she seems content with the choice.

Bird survey

  Here something people may not be aware of and that is how diverse the campus is when it comes to the variety of bird life around them from robins to ring necked parakeets, grey heron in the pond to kingfisher along the river, mistle thrush nesting in the Trachycarpus to mallards nesting in the courtyard […]


Welcome to Brunel University London Grounds department blog which we hope you’ll find helpful and informative, here you will find all sorts of information such as ; Projects of a landscape nature tree work plants with seasonal interest where the team are working and much more. Did you know around 65% of the 79 hectare campus land use is […]